Welcome | Bamboo DiRT BETA

11 June 2012

Project Bamboo is currently piloting a directory of tools, services, and collections that can facilitate digital research. This evolution of Lisa Spiro’s DiRT wiki includes new ways of browsing and commenting on the entries. Please send us feedback on how to improve the site!

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ProfHacker: Track Changes on an iPad with Office2

8 June 2012

For many academics, the ability to track changes and otherwise make comments on a shared document is an essential part of one’s work. Office² HD is an iOS app that lets you edit Office documents, track changes, and review others’ comments and edits, or make your own. The app also lets you create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, all in the most recent Microsoft formats.

[Source: Chronicle of Higher Education]

Prezify your slides with PowerPoint Import

7 May 2012

With the release of PowerPoint Import, you can transform your slides into a prezi with just a few clicks.

Amazon releases Send to Kindle software for Mac

25 April 2012

Amazon releases Send to Kindle for Mac, providing drag-and-drop, contextual menu, and printer options for storing documents on your Kindle device.

[Source: MacWorld]

How to capture video from an iOS device

23 April 2012

Hint: You’ll need an application that turns your Mac into an AirPlay device.

[Source: MacWorld]

Google Docs Could Transform the Way Librarians Help Students

19 March 2012

Imagine building upon the Google Docs chat tool to be able to invite in library support to help students with their real-time needs

[Source: The Ubiquitous Librarian – Chronicle of Higher Education]

ProfHacker: Backup Google Documents with Insync

23 February 2012

InSync is free software that creates a folder on your hard drive and automatically syncs the documents in your Google Docs to it. Insync works in both directions — new documents added online are downloaded to your hard drive, and documents added to the synced folder are uploaded to Google Docs.

[Source: Chronicle of Higher Education]


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