Amazon releases Send to Kindle software for Mac

25 April 2012

Amazon releases Send to Kindle for Mac, providing drag-and-drop, contextual menu, and printer options for storing documents on your Kindle device.

[Source: MacWorld]

How to capture video from an iOS device

23 April 2012

Hint: You’ll need an application that turns your Mac into an AirPlay device.

[Source: MacWorld]

Google Docs Could Transform the Way Librarians Help Students

19 March 2012

Imagine building upon the Google Docs chat tool to be able to invite in library support to help students with their real-time needs

[Source: The Ubiquitous Librarian - Chronicle of Higher Education]

ProfHacker: Backup Google Documents with Insync

23 February 2012

InSync is free software that creates a folder on your hard drive and automatically syncs the documents in your Google Docs to it. Insync works in both directions — new documents added online are downloaded to your hard drive, and documents added to the synced folder are uploaded to Google Docs.

[Source: Chronicle of Higher Education]

What is “flipping the classroom?”

21 February 2012

Penn State University offers resources on learning about “flipping” a course.

Professional Development in the Smart Classroom

8 February 2012

Here are five strategies that institutions are using to help faculty members effectively embrace new technology and integrate it into their classrooms.

[Source: Campus Technology]

Strategies for Blog-Powered Instruction

11 January 2012

Three blog-savvy educators share their best practices for harnessing the unique strengths of blogs to supplement coursework and elevate student learning.

[Source: Campus Technology]


11 January 2012

LectureTools provides all users with an interactive presentation tool that includes an innovative student response system, a two-way student inquiry channel, and convenient study tools.

Twitter Is Scholarship

11 January 2012

The guest blogger William Pannapacker wraps up his MLA coverage trumpeting tweeting’s academic value, despite some awkward etiquette conundrums.

[Source: Chronicle of Higher Education]

Screencast-o-matic – Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing

16 December 2011

Screencast-O-Matic is an online screen recorder for one-click recording from your browser on Windows, Mac, or Linux with nothing to install …and it’s FREE!


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